Logan - A Boy's Doll
Logan - A Boy's Doll
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Logan is - hands down - the best doll for little boys. 

  • Perfect size: Not too big that he gets in the way, not so small that he gets lost.
  • Is so obviously not a girl! (They worry about that a little you know.)
  • Your son can take off the clothes, but he has underwear... Important, believe me. Nothing worse than a little boy running around the house in glee, telling everyone his doll is 'nakey!' 
  • He has a full head of shoulder length hair.
  • He's wearing a real 'stylin' outfit - a 'racer tee shirt over jeans and black laceups, white cuffs and matching white patch pockets on the backside. 
  • It's all cloth and washable ( Manufacturer says surface wash, but we've thrown him in the washer inside a sock and he came out nice and clean and in one piece). He's not going to even try and keep it clean... especially since he's going to love it so much that it's going to go with him everywhere. (And how clean is he at the end of the day, hmmm?)

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Doll Type: All cloth Boy's Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type White, Blue, Brown / Yarn - 'a full head of shoulder length hair'
Size: 13 inches
Gender: Boy
Scented? No
Availability: In Stock for immediate shipping
Packaging: Hang tag
Why you'll love Logan: Safe for: Ages 3 and older
The best thing about this doll is that the boys like him!
Surface Washable per manufacturer, but we've had no problems in the washer (Squeeze with a towel and air dry though)
The clothes come off, but under are briefs And those big feet will help discourage your boy from removing the pants
The body is soft fleece, the clothes lightweight broadcloth and the hair yarn
PS: He even has a little belly button sewn in!
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