Good Buddy Graham, a Doll for Boys
Good Buddy Graham, a Doll for Boys
Great Packaging on this Graham Boy Doll!The HABA Boys Dolls Collection - Graham is 12 inches Tall!
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When most parents search for a dolls for boys, this is what they were thinking of... a doll that looks like a boy. But what if it was your son who was doing the looking? What would he be looking for? 

Well, believe it or not, Addie and I have found that boys choose dolls the same way girls do! First they look at the face, then they look at the clothes, and then they pick. And when they see Graham, they pick Graham!

This Graham boy's cloth doll is meant for the 3-6 year old set... all of his clothes are removable: the overalls, shirt, baseball cap, bandana and shoes. For the younger boys, getting him dressed again is a great interactive 'play with Mommy' game. The older boys take great pride in accomplishing it themselves. 

So if you're looking for a boy's doll that your boy will actually like, here he is: Good Buddy Graham.

Doll Type: All cloth Boy's Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: White, Brown embroidered, Chenille locks / Brown
Size: 12 Inches
Gender: Boy Doll
Availability: In stock
Scent: None
Packaging: 3/4 window display box
Awards: PAL Award (Play Advances Language)
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: 2+ But more suitable for older toddlers and young boys
Good Buddy Graham is one of the boy's favorites
Cool modern look, a doll with sass and attitude
Modern fashions are all removable Overalls (with mesh belt and pocket), striped shirt, bandana, baseball cap and shoes
Great packaging easy to wrap
Cute embroidered face on polyester and cotton body (check out the freckles in the picture too!)
Modern European Design by HABA of Germany
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