My First Bath Baby Girl
My First Bath Baby Girl
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For many of you, bath tub dolls are something new and different.

And that's what is going to make this such a great gift for your daughter!

Bath tub dolls... dolls made to go into the bath with her, are going to be new and really exciting toys.

She may have already accidently gotten a favorite baby doll wet in the sink while 'washing her face,' or maybe already got one 'soaked' in the bath.

How did that work out for her? 

Not so good, right?

Get her one of these water babies.

With their quick drying fabric body, plastic bead 'stuffing' instead of the standard polyester fiberfill, and the special tab to hang her up to drain and dry, accidents can be turned into playtime pleasures and nurturing her doll babies can include washing or bathing 'Mommy pretend play!' 

Doll Type: Rapid drying, cloth bodied bath baby girl
Skin Tone, Eye Color, Hair Color / Type: White, Blue open and close eyes, none
Size: 12 inches
Scented? Yes
Availability: In Stock for immediate shipment
Packaging: Window Box
Gender? Girl (gender neutral white cloth body, but comes dressed in a pink dress
Why she'll love her new doll: Safe for Ages Starting at 18 months
Bath Baby Girl is so soft and cuddly, and very light weight
She is a standard 12 inches and will fit almost every manufacturer's 12 and 13 inch doll clothes see link above to our baby doll clothes page
She has open and close eyes
Fast Drying cloth body filled with lightweight & fast drying beads has a tab you use to hang the doll up for faster drain & dry
Includes outfit as shown and adorable rubber ducky.
Window Display box is easily wrapped Or we can do it for you!
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