Wrap Her in Fur 2pc Coat & Cap Set
Wrap Her in Fur 2pc Coat & Cap Set
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What kind of women wear furs?

Models, Movie Stars, and Fashion Designers. The hip, the rich and the stylish.

Would you like it if your daughter dreamed of some day following her dreams into the kind of world that wears furs?

Remember, first you have to have a dream in order to make a dream come true. 

To you it may seem quite a stretch to think that you could be guiding your daughter to a brighter future simply by giving her a fur coat for her 18 inch doll.

But Addie and I can assure you that it is true. These kinds of dreams are called aspirations. To want to be a better person.

And doll play, and pretend, and imagination all lead to a young girl's discoveries of her aspirations. 

Why you'll love this product: Manufacturer recommended for older children
Set includes Fur and Cap only Doll as shown for photographinc purposes only
Fits all manufacturer's 18 inch dolls including: American Girl, Adora, Madame Alexander, Our Generation and others
Manufacturer's tag says for 12 years and older We don't agree, but need to up front about it. Make your own decision.
Both Cap and Coat are cloth lined
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