Groovy Girls­™ Velvet - Biracial/ Multicultural Equestrian Doll
Groovy Girls­™ Velvet - Biracial/ Multicultural Equestrian Doll
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We are quite sure you did not type 'dolls for horse loving little girls' in the search box. We'd guess it's because you never expected to find one, right?

But you probably weren't expecting 'Pattycake Doll' either! We know from over 15 years of being America's doll shop for children of color that almost everybody, when they first get here, are surprised AND pleased to find such a wide selection of 'dolls of color.'

But even for us Velvet is special. In all our years in business this is the first time we've seen an inexpensive doll of color in her riding outfit. As she is a special edition Groovy Girl™ doll from Manhattan Toy, we know that she will only be available for a short while as well. If you've got a horse crazy daughter or granddaughter... grab her now!

Doll Type: Groovy Girls™ Brand Ethnic/Multicultural/Biracial Cloth 'Equestrian' Girl Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Light Tan, embroidered gold, Black Yarn
Size: 13 Inches
Packaging: Hang Tag
Special Because: Special Edition, limited run, Equestrian Doll
Why She'll love her doll: Safe For ages 3 and older
The equestrian Themed Outfit is unique among all of our cloth dolls
Groovy Girls have been around for years and years, and there are 100's of versions
We love her smiling face - your daughter will too! It's another great feature of all the Groovy Girls - those smiles!
The Red coat is removable, the riding cap is tack-stitched on The rest of the doll is one piece construction
Groovy Girls are soft cloth with fiberfill interiors
Soft Sculpt features include stitched belly button and earrings, 'fingers' and ears
Facial features include embroidered smile, eyes & eyebrows, and 'blushed cheeks
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