Pink Velour Winter Outfit for 15" Dolls
Pink Velour Winter Outfit for 15" Dolls
Looks good on Jennifer and Looks good on Jazlyn!
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When Addie and I first started to add doll clothes and accessories, we used to rely on the manufacturers to suggest which outfits to add... BIG MISTAKE!

What we didn't figure on was the fact that they were recommending their clothes for their white dolls. And we were selling the ethnic dolls. So their recommendations were pretty much crap.

So by trial and error, and with the help and suggestions from our Ethnic customers, we gradually learned to buy clothes that looked great on 'dolls of color.'

This Fleece set is the perfect example... except... it really only appeals to families where the children themselves wear winter clothes. If you're living in Louisiana, your daughter probably wants something else. 

Includes: Heavy Fleece Jacket, pants and matching Cap
Fits: Dolls from 14 to 16 inches
Packaging: Bagged
Age recommendations? Ages 5 and up
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