School Uniform for 18" Dolls
School Uniform for 18" Dolls
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Why school uniforms? 

Maybe it's a Private School, maybe it's a Parochial School, but school uniforms are something to be proud of. It marks you as part of a select group. It usually means that 'this school is special,' and 'our students are special.' Not everyone wears that uniform.

And not every doll can wear a School Uniform either! Addie and I had a hard time finding one that was generic enough, pretty enough, and especially, well-made enough to fit into our 18 inch doll clothing line-up. 

But finally, this year we found one. Now, for her very special 18 inch doll, a school uniform with tailored jacket and pleated red plaid skirt, color coordinated sneakers, a  pretty white blouse and white knee socks. 

We think when you  expand the picture to the right there you'll see what we mean... the tailoring of the jacket, the laces on the sneakers, the pleats on the skirt... it's all quite evident of how well this outfit is made, and why it will be such a terrific addition to your daughter's doll closet.
Includes: White blouse, red plaid pleated skirt, tailored jacket, knee socks and sneakers
Fits: 18" Dolls from American Girl, Adora, Madame Alexander, My Generation etc.
Packaging: Polybags
Age Recommendations 3 and up
Special Because American Girl does not make an equivalent product, School Uniforms are hard to find
Why we love this product: .
Relatively easy to put on, even younger girls should have no trouble
Expertly tailored, well made, top quality
Generic 'uniform' doesn't copy any one school's style
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