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Dolls for Boys and Dolls that look like Boys

To make shopping fast and easy, we've sorted our Boy's Dolls into 3 groups:

Good Buddy Graham, cloth boy's doll that looks like a boy1: The Baby Boy Dolls Our Ethnic 'Belly Button Boy' Soft Sculpted Cloth Baby Boy doll

2: The Boy's Dolls that look like Boys.

3: The Soft Cloth Dolls for Boys
Cozies & Lovey Dolls for Newborns & Baby Boys

1 - The Baby Boy Dolls

PlayTime™ Little PrincePlayTime™ Little Prince
And you didn't have to kiss a lot of frogs!
PlayTime™ PrincePlayTime™ Prince
When they ask for a baby boy doll...
Baby Doll Bath - Marin by CorolleBaby Doll Bath - Marin by Corolle
European design means
lots of great features
William, a Life-sized Baby Boy DollWilliam, a Life-sized Baby Boy Doll
Life-sized baby boy doll, 
Her own 'baby' to love.
Gotz Aquini Potty Training Boy DollGotz Aquini Potty Training Boy Doll
For Bath & Pool Play Too!

The HABA Boys

HABA Snug Up Doll Luis 8" First Boy Baby DollHABA Snug Up Doll Luis 8" First Boy Baby Doll
Every doll has something special about it - Cutie Louie scores a 10 on the cuddle factor scale!

Good Buddy Graham, a Doll for BoysGood Buddy Graham, a Doll for Boys
Which one do you think the boys pick?
A Best Seller
Nick by HABA, A Boy's DollNick by HABA, A Boy's Doll
A Toddler Boy Doll
Big Brother SteveBig Brother Steve
15 inches tall and all boy!
Marc, Skateboarder & Dollhouse Doll by HABA Little FriendsMarc, Skateboarder & Dollhouse Doll by HABA Little Friends
A Great Little Play Set for Ages 3+
Little Friends Erik, A Bendy Doll by HABALittle Friends Erik, A Bendy Doll by HABA

The Anatomically Correct Toddler Boy Dolls

Jacob - A Toddler Boy DollJacob - A Toddler Boy Doll
Made in Spain
Carlos - Brown Baby Boy DollCarlos - Brown Baby Boy Doll
Meets the needs of
so many Mommies!

David - An Anatomically Correct Asian Boy DollDavid - An Anatomically Correct Asian Boy Doll
Handsome and sturdy
Derek in 4 Piece OutfitDerek in 4 Piece Outfit
With 4 Piece Outfit
For Ages 3+
Eddie, a 15 inch Down Syndrome White Boy DollEddie, a 15 inch Down Syndrome White Boy Doll
For Ages 3+ years
Chris, a Redhead Baby Boy DollChris, a Redhead Baby Boy Doll

3 - Boy's Cloth Dolls including Loveys for Newborn Baby Boys

Tendresse Boy Doll - Lucas - Medium SizeTendresse Boy Doll - Lucas - Medium Size
Safe For Newborns
Great For Toddlers Too!
Love you at one, Love you at four... a lovey with 'legs'
My First Baby Blue - Infant Doll by Madame AlexanderMy First Baby Blue - Infant Doll by Madame Alexander
Safe for Newborn+
Cody -  a Cloth Doll for BoysCody - a Cloth Doll for Boys
For Ages 3+

Boy Dolls for Toddlers including Boy's "Learn to Dress"

Raggedy Andy DollRaggedy Andy Doll
Still a classic,
Still a favorite!
Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!Meet 'Trey' - He's an AAAA* Boy!
*As in - All Around Asian-American Boy
Policeman Learn to Dress Activity DollPoliceman Learn to Dress Activity Doll
Award Winner:
Deservedly So!
Sleepy Time Baby Stella-BeigeSleepy Time Baby Stella-Beige
The perfect nurturing playset for children!
Age safe 12M+
Dress Up Friends HenriDress Up Friends Henri
Both a Play & Educational Toy
Dr. Pooch Learn to Dress ToyDr. Pooch Learn to Dress Toy
A Learn to Dress Toy for Ages 3+ Years

The 'Multicultural' Series

Asian Lots to Love Baby Doll in Tangzhuang SuitAsian Lots to Love Baby Doll in Tangzhuang Suit
An Exclusive Offer!
Hand-made Tangzhuang Outfit
for Lots to Love dolls
Multicultural Boy Doll in South Asian Kurta PyjamasMulticultural Boy Doll in South Asian Kurta Pyjamas
Our little Bollywood Star!
Multicultural Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan OutfitMulticultural Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan Outfit
So Cute! Our Little Muslim Boy in his Kufi and Kaftan outfit. 
Black Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan OutfitBlack Doll in Muslim Boy's Kufi & Kaftan Outfit
Not available in any store... our exclusive Black Muslim Baby Boy Doll
Lots to Love Black Doll in Boy Dashiki Pant Set & Kufi Cap OutfitLots to Love Black Doll in Boy Dashiki Pant Set & Kufi Cap Outfit
Doll in African Boy Outfit

Boy Doll - Boy's Dolls What's the difference?

Like father like son, teaching responsibility for a childSome people come to our site looking for a gift for a new baby boy. Boy's loveys and cozies, or a baby's first doll, generally in blue, was exactly what they were thinking of. Some people are shopping for a toddler who has just been presented with a baby brother; they want a baby boy doll, often an anatomically correct boy doll, to give to the toddler as their own baby.

Others are looking for boy doll because either their daughter or son asked for one... maybe the little girl has a bunch of girl dolls and wants a boy, or maybe a little boy has asked for 'a doll' and the parents want to give him one that's a boy. 

So two different searches on the internet, but the same page of products for both.
So thanks for looking at our boy's dolls, toys and lovey's... we're sure the perfect Boy's doll or unique boy's toy for your son or grandson is here.

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