Blue Daisies & Lace - a 15" Doll's Dress
Blue Daisies & Lace - a 15" Doll's Dress
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When trying to get a stubborn little girl to put on a nice dress, there's nothing better than to have something as pretty or prettier for her doll to wear. Her baby. Her beloved companion. It's absolute magic.

Little girls really do want their dolls to look really pretty. And it's not a large leap, when their doll is pretty, to convine your daughter than with a little change in outfit, she can look just as pretty!

The concept is not that different than the one that brings our customers to our site... a pretty Black Doll for a pretty black girl, or a biracial doll with lighter skin for a girl who looks the same. In summary, self-image and self-esteem.

The really nice thing about Blue Daisies and Lace is that it looks pretty on all of our beautiful 14" and 15" dolls...  

Includes White Dress with Blue Daisy embroiderey, lace trim and doily eyelets, Also includes Bloomers with gathered ankles (matches gathered sleeves of dress)
Fits: Most 14" to 16" Dolls including the Bitty Dolls by American Girl®
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations Ages 3 and up
Machine Washable
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