Doll Stand for 18" Dolls
Doll Stand for 18" Dolls
Here's a view of the doll stand 'in action.'
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There are two necessities when you give an 18" doll to your daughter:
A Doll's Hair brush, and a Doll Stand. 

We only offer one, better quality stand:
  • Wooden Base: The three dimensional, wooden base of our doll stand makes a more attractive 'presentation' of the doll than the inexpensive flat metal base. 
  • The coated wire. By coating the wire in white vinyl, particularly around the folded ends, there is less likelihood of damage to the doll's hair or clothing.
  • Adjustable Sizing. Doll stands come in many different sizes, our doll stand is perfectly sized for 18 inch dolls. But our doll stand is also adjustable - it will hold a doll slightly smaller like LittleMissMatched, or a little larger, like a doll in platform pumps and a thick fur coat.
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