Multicultural Boy Doll in South Asian Kurta Pyjamas
Multicultural Boy Doll in South Asian Kurta Pyjamas
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Now seriously... this little fella is cute! A regular little Bollywood star in his Doll's Kurta and Pyjamas outfit!

A while back, we found a little company in Canada that hand-makes International and Diversity doll's clothing, and as we get enough orders for our other South Asian dolls, we decided to order a few different outfits for you. 

So if you're looking for South Asian dolls for diversity or educational purposes, or if you collect International or Multicultural dolls, or if you are of South Asian heritage... whatever your interest, we're glad to be able to offer you this cute little South Asian boy doll. 

Please note that the dolls are not self standing, they are posed for the photos this way so that you can see the outfits better. They do however sit, and the arms, legs and head are poseable. Also, as the doll's Kurta and Pyjamas are handmade, there may be minor differences between the outfits in the pictures, and the ones you actually receive.
Frequently purchased with:
Doll Type: Soft vinyl Lots to Love doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Light Brown, brown, Molded and painted brown
Size: 10 inches
Gender: Neutral, dressed in male clothing
Availability: In stock, limited quantities
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: 2+
Lots to Love multicultural doll dressed in South Asian Kurta and Pyjamas, includes diaper Clothes are easily removable
Fully posable with jointed arms and legs
All vinyl doll can be taken into the bath
Incredible detailed, from dimpled hands to creases and 'footprints'
We get the dolls with several different facial expressions. Let us choose one for you please
The outfits are handmade in Canada, and may differ slightly from the examples in the photos
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