Jaxon - A Baby Boy Doll with Hair
Jaxon - A Baby Boy Doll with Hair
Jaxon Doll in our 3pcbaseball outfitHow big is Jaxon at 15inches? Here he is with a child.
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Your two to three to four year old child may not have actually said 'baby' boy doll, they might have only said 'boy' doll. There is a difference. 

But you're in luck. Jaxon can be either. He comes dressed in this wonderful knit onesie with matching cap. So in a baby outfit - he's a baby.

BUT, most babies don't have a full head of hair. So if you dress Jaxon in one of our 15" toddler boy doll outfits... voila! Toddler! 

The children don't really make the distinction, but you as the adult may want to. Is this a gift for a toddler boy? Then maybe you want to present him as a toddler. But if he's some little girl's new 'baby brother,' then you can present Jaxon like that. Almost none of our other dolls have that vesatility. 

Doll Type: Soft bodied boy doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: White, blue open and close, light brown rooted synthetic hair
Size: 15 inches
Scented: No
Packaging: Window Box
Gender: Non gendered cloth body, dressed as a boy
Availability: In stock for immediate shipment
Special Because It can be considered either a baby or a toddler doll
Special Because Made in Spain
Why they'll love their doll Safe for ages 2 years and older
Jaxon has a soft and cuddly cloth body and 3/4 vinyl arms and legs
Without clothes, jaxon's cloth body resembles tee shirt and shorts So even when he's naked he 'looks' dressed
Jaxon comes dressed in this adorable knit onesie and matching cap
Made in Spain to European standards, he does not 'sit' like most American dolls
Beautifully detailed: Blushed cheeks, knees, hands and feet, finger and toe nails
The Pattycake Doll Company can not warranty eyelashes, too many children pick them off
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