Baby Stella 'Yoga Baby™' Playset
Baby Stella 'Yoga Baby™' Playset
Here is the 3 piece play set: The yoga mat with the color co-ordinated exercise outfit
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Does you daughter know what a Downward Facing Dog is? 

If the answer is yes, then you have discovered the cutest and most adorable doll playset ever made!

Playing with their dolls (Tea Party anyone?), and nurturing and caring for their dolls is a given. Building their imaginations and story-telling skills or playing dolls with other children helps build social and sharing skills... we can go on and on about the positive benefits of doll play. 

But this 'Yoga Baby™' doll's playset knocks it out of the park!

Seriously... can't you just imagine how cute it would be to watch your daughter putting her dolls into all the yoga positions that Mommy does? 

And the best part of all, is that this set fits most of our 13 to 15 inch dolls! It doesn't have to be just a Baby Stella!
Why you'll love this playset: Safe for ages 12 months and up
3pc set includes doll's yoga mat, and color coordinated exercise outfit
Fits most 12 to 15" cloth body dolls including Baby Stella
Easy to put on and off pull on pants Velcro™seam on back of top
Yoga Baby™ Playset adds 'exercise' play to the basic, imagination and nurturing aspects of 'Doll Play'
Doll in pictures not included, for photographic purposes only
Comes boxed on hanger
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