Baby Saanvi - A Doll of India & South Asia
Baby Saanvi - A Doll of India & South Asia
A bit closer view of her smocked dress
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Her name is Baby Saanvi and she is the perfect doll for your child with a South Asian heritage.

It has taken us over ten years to find you this doll. You've probably had just as hard a time finding a doll for your daughter as we did. A doll that looks like an Indian doll or a Pakistani doll is not so simple. 

If you were going to design the perfect South Asian doll for your daughter, what would you ask for?

Warm and beautiful dark eyes like hers? 
Long, shiny, healthy black hair? 

A beautiful gaze, quiet beauty and a calm and soothing demeanor ?
Yes to all!

Saanvi also has a soft cloth body that is light weight for your toddler to carry, and fits most 15 -18" doll fashions. 

PS: Saanvi is 17" long and little more rounded than 18" American Girl® dolls. Please take that into consideration when considering doll clothes for her.
 You wouldn't want a particularly slim outfit or something like a bathing suit for instance.

WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Doll Type: South Asian or Multicultural cloth body cuddle doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Medium brown, Brown, loose wave and bangs, synthetic, rooted, black
Size: 17 inches
Availability: In Stock
Gender: Girl
Scent: None
Packaging: Poly bag
Why you'll love this doll: Safe for ages: 3+
Soft Bodied Cloth doll with vinyl limbs Not a jointed poseable doll like the 18" American Girl® style dolls
Please Note her beautiful Bishop Cable Smocking of her exquisite dress
Dress is removable removable, outfit includes white pantaloons and socks Smocked Dress will fit most other 17" and 18" dolls
This baby doll is very light weight and easy for a toddler to carry even though it is a generous size
We have heard back that her calm but serious expression helps settle otherwise hyper kids!
More of a baby than the 18" dolls also - her face is wider than it is long
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