Cutie Louie
Safe for a newborn!
Cutie Louie
Here's the Cutie Louie Baby boy held by a baby so you can see his size
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We were kind of surprised when we got our first shipment of Cutie Louie baby boy dolls. We couldn't believe how soft and cuddly they were!

You see, just like you, we ordered based on the pictures and descriptions from the manufacturer! We had no idea it would be so 'finger-luxurious!' 

As we said in the teaser copy, "Every doll has something special about it..." in Cutie Louie's case, it's the cuddle factor. This is one very soft doll! (Perfect for a baby's soft skin, and machine washable so he can always have a clean and cuddly doll.) 

Doll Type: Baby's First Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: White, brown, Not applicable
Size: Approx 8"
Gender: Boy
Availability: in Stock
Packaging: Open, Display Box
why we love this doll: Safe for all Ages
Cutie Louie is a super soft and cuddly baby boy doll
Fleece and Polyester
He is Machine Washable
He can 'sit' (lightweight bean bags in feet and butt)
One piece construction... nothing to get lost
European design by HABA
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