Curious George Learn to Dress Fisherman
Curious George Learn to Dress Fisherman
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"Every so often we get the question: what do you recommend for...?"
But our answer is generally a question too: How old is the child?"

And if they really have no ideas already in mind, and they tell us that the child is between 10 months and 18 months, then quite often we'll recommend this soft plush Curious George combination activity toy and learn to dress. 

The reason it's so perfect is because first, it's a soft plush super cuddly toy. Then, of course it's Curious George a character almost every child adores and identifies with. Next it's got all the right features of an activity toy, to stimulate their minds with bright colors, lots of textures and a couple of noise makers. And then finally, it's a learn to dress toy with button, snap, tie and TWO in-and-out-activity pockets hidden underneath.

(By having the largest selection of Learn to Dress activity toys on the internet, Pattycake Doll has become somewhat the experts in this category; we've learned how great those surprise pockets can be!)

Whether it's a few M&M's or a bright shiny quarter, kids love finding surprises in those pockets. Some of these dolls have 'faux' pockets, many of these dolls have one pocket, this Curious George activity toy has two!
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Why they'll love this activity toy: Safe for children 12 months and older
Large, soft and cuddly - and one of your child's favorite characters!
Educational: a combination Activity Toy and Learn to Dress Will keep their interest longer as they get older
Sixteen inches tall
Fish is a 'squeaker' worm is a 'crinkly' - stimulates baby's hearing
Teaches 3 basic dressing skills: button, snap and tie
Outfit is 'tack-stitched' to shoulders, not really meant to be removed
Officially licensed, made by GUND™
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