Cupcakes and Gingham, A dress for 15 inch dolls
Cupcakes and Gingham, A dress for 15 inch dolls
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Addie and I see a lot of awkward doll clothes. Even some of the American Girl® outfits have us scratching our heads... did the designer not understand that you can't expect fabrics made for humans to scale down and look nice on a doll?

Fortunately, there are doll clothes designers who 'get it,' and this red check gingham dress set is a perfect example.

But just as important as the look, (and of course the fit), is the ease in putting on the outfit for the target audience.

American Girls® and the other 18 inch dolls are meant for older girls. 

But baby dolls are usually meant... well... for babies! 

Cupcakes and Gingham has a full 100% velcro® seam on the back,with short sleeves and the diaper cover pants slip on and have an elastic waist. That means even the very youngest new 'mommies' will be able to dress their baby dolls.

Includes red check gingham dress with ruffled satin trim and cupcake applique also includes matching diaper cover
Fits: Most 14" to 16" Dolls
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations Ages 3 and up
Special Because: Extremely easy for even the youngest children to dress their dolls
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