'Bless This Child' Christening Lamb Lovey
'Bless This Child' Christening Lamb Lovey
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Addie and I are known for our expertise on dolls, but what few people know, is that we also know quite a bit about loveys.

And if it is permitted for a store owner to have a favorite, then our 'Bless This Child' Christening Lamb Lovey is mine. 

First of all, let me explain what a lovey is, and what it does: A lovey (also spelled lovie) is a soft cloth doll, handkerchief or blankey, used to calm and soothe a young child.

Some people call them cozies, some call them security blankets. But what they all have in common is softness and textures. They are meant to be held by your baby or toddler and touched and cuddled.

The best lovies have lots of different textures and are machine washable. Babies don't see particularly well for the first six months, so they explore the world with their fingers (textures are interesting) and mouths. 

Our 'Bless this Child' lovey is a half stuffed lamb, half blankey, and 100% the perfect lovey for your child. We recommend it highly.  

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Why you'll love this product: Safe for all ages - perfect baby or Christening gift!
Besides being the perfect lovey, it is also perfect for Christening Embroidered with Bless this Child and a †
Sweet 'Lamb' details include cute folded ears and split hooves!
Blankey portion made of quilted cloth and full all sides satin trim
Fleece is textured for head - resembles wool a little bit - and brushed for face, embroidered features
100% polyester - manufacturer recommends hand wash and air dry We tried machine wash gentle and it turned out fine
Comes in a polybag with product tags
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