Calin Blue Baby Boy Doll by Corolle of France
Calin Blue Baby Boy Doll by Corolle of France
Previous outfit but same adorable face!
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In the world of dolls, there are several major brands that command respect and customer loyalty.

Most young ladies get at least one Madame Alexander doll sometime in their lives, and for 18 inch dolls, some people will only buy American Girl Dolls®.

For many, Corolle's 'Bébé Calins' have become the preferred choice for baby dolls. And now, Addie and I can finally offer you a Bébé Calin boy doll.

But what frustrates us, is that if you're not already familiar with Corolle, it is practically impossible to put into words why Corolle's Calin dolls might be preferred over any of our other baby boy dolls.

And, to be honest with you, I can't really say one boy doll is 'better' than the other. But as a doll expert, with a world wide reputation to uphold, the word I would use is 'finer.' Corolle dolls are a little bit 'finer' than the others. And that's the best I can do.

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Doll Type: Soft Bodied Baby Boy Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type White, Blue (open and close), just the slightest suggestion of hair molded into the sculpt
Size: 12 inches
Gender: Non-gendered cloth body, dressed and sold as a boy doll
Availability: In stock for immediate delivery
Scented? Yes. Corolle's vanilla scent is in the vinyl
Packaging: Window Display box
Why we love this doll: Safe starting at 18 months
Calin Blue is a soft-bodied doll with 3/4 vinyl arms and legs
Comes dressed in his blue fine cotton jersey sleeper and cap
Manufacturer recommendation: Hand washable
Bean bag pellet 'butt' for sitting stability
Designed by Corolle in France
Open and close (sleeping) eyes have eyelashes We do not warranty eyelashes as many young children pluck them off
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