Noah by Lil'Totz
Noah by Lil'Totz
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There are so many different reasons for buying boy's dolls. Probably the most common one is that  there's a new baby in the house, and someone has decided to give 'big brother' or 'big sister' a baby doll of his own so that he can practice being a daddy or mommy. 

Sometimes it's because the child has played with dolls at a friend's house or at school and has expressed an interest of having one of his own.

But then there's the reason that Noah and his counterparts were created. Companionship and Security.

Leaving the safety of Mommy's arms is what you want for your child, and giving him a buddy to take with him is just plain good common sense. A buddy, a pal. Or in psychological terms a security object. Teddy Bears are great. Security Blankets are a little babyish. Noah is the perfect answer.

Now take a quick look over at the picture of Noah there on the right. Doesn't he look like the perfect boy doll for your son? Friendly and calm and like nothing can go wrong in his world today? 

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Why he'll love his doll Safe for all ages
Noah is safe for all ages but we recommend waiting until they stop putting things in their mouths
Noah's hair is an incredibly soft chenille yarn - there's nothing softer
Surface wash only
Noah's dungarees can be pulled off, but are not meant to be the rest is all one piece
Approximately 13 inches
Soft velboa polyester over fiberfill construction
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