Mountain Rescue! for Adventurous Dolls
Mountain Rescue! for Adventurous Dolls
Our 15" Mountain Rescue on David a 15 inch Asian Boy Doll
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There are lots of reasons you might like the Mountain Rescue 15" doll's outfit - here are three:
  • Turns 'Nurturing' doll play into 'Adventuring' doll play. We all know that giving dolls to children is one of the great ways to bring out their nurturing instincts. 
But this Mountain Rescue outfit is not about nurture, it's about adventure! Saving people! Mountain Climbing or Skiing, and whatever else their imaginations can come up with!
  • Not just the role play, but the clothes themselves... I have never seen a 15" doll outfit this well made. The Sherpa Jacket feels like sheepskin, the lined pockets, the full length metal  zipper.
Full color quality silk screened tee shirt, khaki cargo pants with elastic waist and belt loops! Brass buttons at the waist and on the pockets. Incredible detail for a doll's outfit.
  • ​And perhaps the best reason of all: One of the reasons boys tend to shy away from doll play is that there are few 15" boy dolls clothes. And though these are unisex, boys don't think that way... give this 15 inch doll's outfit to a boy and he'll just assume it's a boy's doll outfit.
Includes: Sherpa Jacket, Silk screened tee shirt, cargo khakis
Fits: 15" to 18" Dolls including American Girl Bitty babies, Baby Stella dolls and more
Packaging: Polybag
Age recommendations: Ages 3 and up
Special Because: Boys and girls can both be told it's for their dolls
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