Dakota - a Biracial/Multicultural Baby Doll
Dakota - a Biracial/Multicultural Baby Doll
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Every so often we come across a special doll that is hard for us to categorize. Is it a baby Boy doll or a baby Girl doll? Is it a Black baby doll or should we list it on the Biracial Doll / Multicultural Doll page? 

It's a tough decision for us because their 'generality' will appeal to so many children - and we don't want to limit them to one group or another!

Dakota is special in exactly this way, but even more so: Dakota also has one of the most charming faces we've ever seen on a baby doll. 

Dakota's face is best described as 'calm.' 'Interested' maybe. Like a baby in the seat of a shopping cart who has just spotted another baby at the supermarket.

One interesting thing for us though, is that this 'calm' doll, also seems to help keep children calm too. Don't ask me how it works... it's just what we're hearing back from our customers. 
Doll Type: Soft bodied Multicultural or Biracial Baby Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Medium brown, light brown, dark brown, painted, straight hair molded sculpt
Size: 10 inches
Gender: Unisex. cloth body is non-gendered, outfit in Teal suitable for Boys or Girls
Scented? No
Availability: In Stock for immediate shipment
Packaging: Window Box
Special Because: Calm and serene expression
Why we love Dakota - and why you will too! Safe for Ages: Starting at 18 months and older
Dakota's calm and serene expression actually helps children feel calm
So cute and lifelike, blushed cheeks, detailed fingers and toes, cupid's bow mouth, etc...
Dakota is a suitable doll for either boys or girls
The skin tone is a medium brown and can represent children from so many heritages
Doll and outfit are machine washable Outfits can vary, picture is for illustrative purposes only
Soft BPA free vinyl hands feet and head, all cloth body, polyester filling
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