Big Brother Steve
Big Brother Steve
The three HABA Boys - Big Brother Steve is the largest at 15" then Ethan at 13½" & Graham at 12"
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Maybe you were looking for dolls for boys, maybe you wanted a boy doll for a little girl.

But Big Brother Steve is one of those very rare boy dolls that both boys and girls love. And you'll love him too, because he's exactly what you were looking for in a doll... or a big brother!

Boys are comfortable with Steve... he's friendly and he's got that cool, comforting 'Big Brother' demeanor about him. 

Steve has that warm and friendly 'look' - we think it's achieved by the subdued colors used to embroider his face - beiges, silver and blue - with recurring cool hues on the clothing, cap and boots. Co-ordinated, nice contrasting highlights, but over all a cool color scheme; very effective.

Doll Type: All cloth Soft Boy's Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Light, Embroidered grey/blue, black chenille strands
Size: 15 inches
Packaging: Standing Window Box
Availability: In stock
Special Because: Can be used with Graham as a big and little brother set
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages starting at 18 months
Removable outfit includes cap, tee shirt, belted jeans, and shoe/boots
padded body, chenille hair, cotton/polyester clothes
As 'a big brother' for Good Buddy Graham, he's 3" taller See pictures
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