Baby Stella 'Pretty Party' Outfit
Baby Stella 'Pretty Party' Outfit
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If you were in our store holding a Baby Stella doll, and she could whisper in your ear, she would say: "Please, can I have this Pretty Party Outfit outfit too?"

And you would take one look at this fabulous outfit and say: "Of course!" 

It's that good. Now because you're online, and because you don't actually have Stella whispering in your ear, you're just going to have to take our word for it. Yes, you do want to buy this outfit. Here's why:
  • Buying a doll without buying extra clothes for it is just asking for your daughter to take the clothes off her new doll and go running around the house with yet another 'naked' doll. If you want to keep a doll dressed, you need to give your daughter extra clothes to dress her in... that's the fun of it after all.
  • Part of the learning to nurture activity that you're aiming for with your daughter comes by having outfits for your daughter to choose from, and then dressing 'her baby.'
  • This is one of the nicest outfits we've ever had for this doll.
  • You know you're going to end up buying more clothes sooner or later, might as well buy them now since you've already paid the flat rate shipping.  
Includes: Striped leggings, red booties and multicolored polka dot dress with bow
Fits: Baby Stella Soft Dolls
Packaging: Poly 'Garment Bag' on doll clothes hanger
Age recommendations? 12 months
Will fit most of our other 12 to 15 inch dolls (Booties are meant for cloth dolls only)
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