Bedtime Blessings Soft Cloth Baby Book
Bedtime Blessings Soft Cloth Baby Book
Mama with Baby Lamb illustrations... note the finger friendly satin fabric of the pages!
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Have you ever sat with a child on your lap, cuddling and 'reading' a picture book?
If you have, you'll immediately recognize why this is a no-brainer - toy  perfection - best
gift ever!

Here's why it's so perfect:

  • On the outside, a soft plush lamb, with a sweet embroidered face, covered with soft 'lambs wool' fleece and velboa fabric.

  • Then, the soft plush lamb 'opens' into a soft cloth illustrated baby book...

  • Finger friendly satin pages with adorable illustrations showing Baby settling into a peaceful slumber, snuggled by Mama's side as you and your child 'read' the book together. 

  • The front hoof contains the sound box - that when squeezed - recites the  'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep' goodnight prayer for your child to listen to. 

  • Addie and I like that the words 'spoken' by the book are the same as those written on the 'pages.'

  • Parents: This is how children learn to read! Listening while following along! 
Addie and I really love the idea that this sweet old fashioned nightime prayer may be the start of a child's life long love of reading. Just thirty simple words in a poetic phrasing and rhythm!

Yes, we think it's perfect!
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Why they'll love this book: Safe for all ages with parental supervision.
Finger Friendly Plush fleece outside, satin pages inside
Babies love to cuddle and read picture books with you!
Helps children learn the prayer and helps older toddlers learn to read
A great religious gift for any family!
Sealed sound box - sound chip technology, no batteries to replace Will recite the prayer hundreds of times!
Surface wash only - do not submerge sound box
Closed, baby book is about 6 inches by 6 inches
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