Baby Billy Blue - A First Doll for Boys
Baby Billy Blue - A First Doll for Boys
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Imagine you're a baby of six months...

You can't see very well yet, so you're exploring your world with your sense of taste and touch. Nana comes for a visit, and slips this wonderful little Baby Billy Blue into your lap and... "What's this? Ummm! Interesting! Satin smooth down here, and oooh... soft here, and here too. Hmmm... here's a little stringy thingy, and here... I think I like this! This is fun! Thanks Nana!"

Baby Billy Blue has more different textures than any of our other loveys...

Starting at the top is the button ball on his cap - it's furry - and then there's the yarn for his hair, the smooth polyester face (with several texture points in the embroidered features), then there's the ears and collar creating places to explore; then the overall waffle weave fabric of the body, the satin soles of the feet, and finally that center fold that I'd guess is supposed to look like the zipper of a real onsie. So what's that... 6? 8? Yes, eight different textures... way more than any of our other loveys. See why we call him Maximized Texturized?

Billy is machine washable, safe from birth, and a nice soft comforting lovey.

Reasons to love this doll: Safe for ages: All Ages including Newborns
A great first doll for baby or a comforting lovey for toddlers
Eight different textures for fingers to explore!
Baby Billy Blue is ten inches tall
Machine washable
Billy has a shaped posterior - he can 'sit'
You'll get this in about 3 Days by US Priority Mail
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