'Little Me' A Boy's First Baby Doll & Lovey
'Little Me' A Boy's First Baby Doll & Lovey
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There's nothing cuter than a new baby, unless, maybe, it's this adorable baby boy's first doll, lovey and baby rattle from GUND.

Although most of you were shopping for a doll for a boy, and that's fine, and 'Little Me' is a baby boy doll, we really want to point out to you the 'Lovey' features; let Addie and I lend you a little of our expertise from 15 years of selling boys dolls.

Loveys can be dolls too, but what makes any object a lovey, is that it's made not to look at - babies can't really see much for the first 6 months - but to stimulate the other senses, particularly sound and touch.

So 'Little Me' for example has a soft sounding rattle inside, multiple textures for the fingers to explore including the soft cotton, the satin trim points,  that central seam and felt tab of 'hair.'  

And then, 6 months from now when baby's eyes do start to develop, there is that adorable embroidered face to catch his attention. 

One more perfect point? Baby Safe and Machine Washable... because baby is going to stick it in his mouth too!

Why you'll love Little Me Safe for all ages
A perfect baby Boy's first doll - baby safe, super soft, perfect to stimulate a newborn's senses
Machine washable, all cloth over fiber fill baby safe doll, lovey and rattle
Approx 7 inches High
We only have one shipping rate: $8.95 no matter how many different dolls you order. But we will be glad to ship you jut the one doll if that's all that you want.
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