Baby Blue Jeans - a First Doll for Boys
Baby Blue Jeans - a First Doll for Boys
What does 10 inches look like next to a child?
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We offer a lot of 'Baby's First Boy Dolls' don't we? And if you're buying for a new baby, this may be the first time you've ever had to choose a doll for a boy, and sometimes too many choices can be confusing... "which one of these should I get?"

Well, Baby Blue Jeans is the softest baby boy doll we have. It's also a little bit more 'fluffy' as far as being plumper or bigger around than the others.

Is that the only thing it has to recommend it?

No, the fact that it is machine washable is also a nice feature, because babies stick things in their mouths a lot. 

So if you like the looks of this doll yourself - always the first decision point... "do I like how it looks?" - and you like the fact that it's the softest doll we have, is safe from birth, and it's washable, then this would be an excellent choice. 

Please note: This doll, because it is so soft and cuddly, will probably keep his interest for a couple of years... although it is too simplistic for 'play,' it's a great cuddle companion! 

Why they'll love this doll Safe for all ages
Baby Blue Jeans is part of the Rosy Cheeks™ line of Waldorf Dolls
He is 10 inches tall
All polyester construction - Machine washable and dryable
He is a one piece doll, but the dungarees straps are attached by Velcro™ at the top for 'realism'
He has two back pockets
Embroidered curl, eyes, nose and smile.
Comes packaged with cardboard tag and in a polybag
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