PlayTime™ Princess Asian Flower
PlayTime™ Princess Asian Flower
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We forget sometimes that we are not buying Asian baby dolls for ourselves, but for our children. Or else we think that just because we love her, our children will love her!

We are going to remind you to step back for a second, and really try and see PlayTime™ Princess Asian Flower as your children will see her.... because actually, it's more fun that way!

So go along with us for a minute... first, imagine you are your daughter's size. If she's one to two years old she's about 30 inches, right? Well, our Asian Princess Flower doll is 13 inches HUGE for a little girl. Half her size practically!

Next, imagine she's hugging her new doll. Her new baby powder scented doll. Ummmm! She smells so pretty!

And look Mommy! She can suck her thumb! And she comes with a bottle!

Is it any wonder that Adora's PlayTime™ baby dolls are so popular?
This doll fits in these beautiful outfits!
Doll Type: Soft bodied Asian Baby Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Light, Brown, Black, rooted synthetic hair in bangs
Size: 13 inches
Gender: Girl
Scented? Yes, baby powder, will eventually wash out
Availability: In Stock for immediate shipment
Packaging: Window Box
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for Ages: 1 year old and above
PlayTime Princess Asian Flower is a classic 13" doll Most manufacturer's 12 and 13" doll outfits will fit her
Doll and Outfit are hand made
Floral print short romper outfit is removable
Doll is machine washable
Body is slightly weighted (beanbag bottom) to feel more realistic
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