Little Hands Learn to Dress Monkey
Little Hands Learn to Dress Monkey
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As store owners, Addie and I are not supposed to have favorites, but when it comes to 'Boy's Learn to Dress,' I can't resist - the Little Hands Monkey Learn to Dress is my favorite.

It's such a perfect boy's toy. Boys love monkeys, they think they're cool. Boys like 'big,' and Monkey is huge... almost twice the size of most of our other Learn to dress dolls.

But the Little Hands Monkey is also a great boy's companion toy... 

When your son grows past the need for a cuddle toy, and wants someone to complain to, or rough-house with or just to have a friend, this guy's the one.

I know this sounds like psychobabble, but trust me on this... your son will go from the cuddle lovie stage to the carry around 'security' stage to the learn to dress stage to the final independent self assertive but still needing a friend stage... and this is one of the few dolls that can go with him through those four stages. 

And of course the learn to dress features are among the best... not only the standard button and buckle, zipper and snap, but he's got the whole totally undress - remove the clothes - and redress thing going on. (Although to be honest, the younger kids are going to need mommy's help putting the socks and sneakers back on. 

The Little Hands Monkey Learn to Dress is an American Classic. It earned that reputation honestly!

Why they'll love their Little Hands Monkey For ages starting at 18 months
Outfit is completely removable: Dungarees and T shirt, real socks and sneakers
LTD features include buttons, elastic loop, zipper, lace and tie, buckle, snap, velcro® press and seal
The monkey himself without his clothes is a very nice bright & colorful soft plush toy
Approx 22 inches tall
Manufacturer suggests hand wash... we've successfully tied into a t shirt and machine washed
Multiple award winner
PS: For cuteness factor: the dungarees 'butt' have a slit for the tail!
PPS: In our current version the dungarees stop at the knees, not the ankles Picture for illustrative purposes only
PPPS: Don't let our description fool you -- There are plenty of girls who love the Little Hands Monkey too!
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