'Teddy Wear' Super-sized Learn to Dress Toy
'Teddy Wear' Super-sized Learn to Dress Toy
Why we call it 'Super-sized!'
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We have Cubby Bear, and we have Teddy Wear and at first glance these two Learn to Dress Teddy Bears would seem to be almost the same... so Addie and I get a lot of questions that go somewhat along the lines of: "Why the two bears?"

On the one hand, you're right... they're both cuddly soft teddy bears with almost the same learn to dress features of button, zipper, snaps, laces and velcro­™.

They are both bright and colorful. They're even the same price. 

But there are two major differences:

Cubby Bear has the words embroidered on him... Tie me, snap me etc... so he has the 'starting to learn to read' function. So maybe a bit better for the two and three year olds.

Teddy Wear is just much, much bigger - bigger button, huge star on his chest as a zipper pull... bigger shoes (with both laces and velcro fasteners so even if the laces are untied the shoes won't fall off.) etc. All those bigger parts and pieces make him easier to 'dress.' So maybe a bit better for the younger 18 month to 2 to 2½ year old range.

And bigger is definitely 'better' when it comes to those 'differently enabled' children with fine motor, dexterity and mobility challenges. 

Anf finally, Cubby Bear is a 'carry me' size, while Teddy Wear is a 'cuddle me' size. 

At the end of the day, those differences really won't matter much to the child - they'll love whatever you give them!

Why they'll love this toy: Safe for Ages Starting at 18 months
5 Satin touch points - each one a different color to learn to recognize and name
Shoes removable and dungarees are too - it's a simple lesson that needs to be learned Take the shoes off first!
Button, Snap, zipper, buckle, velcro™ and laces - plus 'dressing'
Approximately 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide
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