Sleepy Time Baby Stella-Beige
Sleepy Time Baby Stella-Beige
Sleepy Time Baby Set in packaging and with a clearer view of its face
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Sleepy Time Wee Baby Stella is one of the best 'teaching to nurture' baby doll sets we've ever seen, because it includes everything your child needs to 'nurture' their own 'baby.' 

The bottle before bed, the bedtime storybook, the pacifier and teddy bear, and of course the adorable Sleepy Time Wee Baby Stella doll!

A quick word about the doll itself: Baby Stella dolls have been around for years, and their famous selling point has always been the magnetic pacifier, which absolutely fascinates kids. 

Manhattan Toy introduced the Wee Baby Stella dolls - which are about a third smaller than the original. But one thing we'd like to point our to you as well, is that the outfit is gender neutral, meaning this soft cloth baby doll is perfect for both boys and girls.  

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Doll Type: Soft Sculpt all cloth Baby Doll for Black, Biracial & Multicultural children
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type: Beige, brown embroidered, brown yarn in tiny bow
Size: Approximately 11 inches
Gender: Gender Neutral, unisex body, sleeper could be boy or girl
Scented? Yes, Lavender
Packaging: Standing open display box
Special Because: The famous Baby Stella magnetic pacifiers (and in this case baby bottle)
Why they'll love this doll Safe for Ages: 12 months and older
Gender neutral outfit makes this perfect for either boys or girls
Scented with lavender, gently squeeze the doll to release the scent (Lavender aromatherapy is know to help people sleep)
Outfit is removable and fits all other dolls in the 'Wee Baby Stella series Includes Sleeper, Pacifier, Bottle, Teddy Bear and Storybook
Soft Cloth doll of polyester.
Magnets in pacifier and bottle, elastic wrist strap on Teddy Bear
Embroidered features, yarn hair.
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