Raggedy Ann Doll
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Raggedy Ann Doll
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When you're searching for a doll, ,you probably don't care too much about the history of dolls, or Johnny Gruelle, or his beloved daughter Marcella.

You're probably not interested in who made this Raggedy Ann Doll either; if it's quality, reasonably priced and looks like you think it's supposed to look you're happy right?

So with all the Raggedy Ann & Andy options out there for you to buy, why choose this one? 
Because it's toddler safe. Most Raggedy Ann or Andy dolls are made with sewn on buttons for eyes. Ours have safe set eyes. Almost impossible for your children to get off. And yes, that's important.
Why we love this doll: Safe for: Ages 18 months and older
Classic Raggedy Ann is almost a foot tall!
Based on the Raggedy Ann and Andy books by Johnny Gruelle
A great baby gift, bright colors, multiple textures, baby safe
They have the the traditional 'I Love You' embroidered on their chest
Don't know what to give? You can never go wrong with Raggedy Ann
These are the Officially Licensed Raggedy Anns and Andys
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