Pray with Me Little Lamb in Blue
Pray with Me Little Lamb in Blue
Comparing the Two Different Lay Me Down Praying Toys
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'Welcome to our newest version of 'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep' prayer toy, the Pray With Me Little Lamb in Blue!

Aren't these dolls that say their prayers adorable! If this is your first visit to our store, these praying plush dolls may seem like they're all pretty much the same right? No Way Jose! Let us explain the difference.

Although, in one respect you're right: All the toys in this section do say the children's prayer Now I lay Me Down to Sleep.

The first difference though is that Pray with Me Lambs are battery operated. The Blessed Friends and the Prayer Bear have permanently enclosed sound boxes.

Also the lambs have on-off switches on the sound box, and, instead of squeezing the belly to activate, your child presses the hands together to start them praying.

And finally, the lambs cheeks glow when the doll recites the prayers - and those light up cheeks were a HUGE hit with our test panel of toddlers!

Does it matter to the kids that they're lambs not children? No. Of course you as an adult may like the 'counting sheep to go to sleep' connection, but the kids don't know that yet.

So to summarize: these are larger, have replaceable batteries, an on-off switch, glowing cheeks and cost five bucks more. So in the end, it's a preference thing... which do you like better? Your kids won't care.
Why they'll love their toy Safe for Ages: 1 year old and above
Doll Prays when hands are pressed together and sound box switch is 'on' Cheeks Light Up too!
Sound Box has on-off switch to extend the life of the batteries
Pray with Me Lambs come with the initial 3 AAA Batteries intended for In Store use Will need to be replaced at some point - possibly on arrival
Surface Wash Only, do not immerse in water
Soft Plush Polyester Surface with Polyester Filling
One piece construction - clothing not removable
Lamb Is self Sitting
Sitting, the praying lamb is about 9 1/2 inches tall by about 5 inches wide
NONE of our goodnight prayer toys pray the dark and gloomy version of this traditional prayer
These lambs are also the only goodnight prayer toys that don't conclude with Amen
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