Blessed Friends - Goodnight Prayer Boy
Blessed Friends - Goodnight Prayer Boy
The Pray with me Lambs are larger, their cheeks light up and they require batteries
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Addie and I have a couple of reasons why we love this doll. First is the sound box: for an inexpensive doll, the prayer is really very clear and easy to understand.

Second is just how much kids love dolls that say their prayers. Pardon my 'dated' language, but kids think dolls that say their prayers are really cool!

We also like these dolls because they're soft and plush to the touch, look adorable and have nicely finished details including the 'praying hands,' the cute faces and the "God Bless Baby" blessing on the cap.

Bottom Line? They feel great, they look great, they sound great and kids love these type of dolls.

Oh! One more thing... You've probably already realized that dolls for boys aren't the easiest things in the world to find, right?

Other religious gifts:
Why they'll love this toy: Safe for all ages
A baby's lovey with multiple finger friendly contrasts of satin, embroidery and appliques Embroidered with "God Bless Baby" along the trim of the cap
Praying little boy in his pajamas says the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep prayer when they squeeze the belly
Voice box is as clear as can be - easily understood
Super soft velboa fleece over fiberfill and foam
Approximately 11 inches tall
Comes with 'To:' and 'From:' gift tag attached
Surface washable
Sealed soundbox - no batteries to replace
Will play 100's of times
Do not submerge in water
NONE of our goodnight prayer toys pray the dark and gloomy version of this traditional prayer
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