Little Mommy Asian Baby Doll
a doll she will cherish forever
Little Mommy Asian Baby Doll
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This is the Asian doll you buy when your daughter asks for "her own baby."

Trust us, we know! The truth is that almost any doll will make your daughter happy. She's not that picky! If it's a gift from you, or Nana, or even Aunt Sue, as soon as she opens the box and see's the new doll, she's in love.

But when they ask for a doll, they are usually asking for a lifelike baby doll, and Little Mommy Asian Baby Dolls are the answer.

Why? Because when she holds it in her arms, she feels like a Mommy. And because it's poseable, she can play with it like a Mommy. And because it is all vinyl, she can put it in the sink and bathe it like a Mommy.

And because it's her new baby, she's going to love it like a Little Mommy too. Money Back returns seal

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Doll Type: Asian Baby Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Light, Black, Molded / Brown
Size: 9½ inches
Availability: In Stock
Gender: Unsexed, dressed in Pink and White
Scent: None
Packaging: Window Box
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: 2+
Little Mommy Asian Baby is an all vinyl poseable doll She can move the arms, legs and head for pretend play
Beautifully detailed sculpt - delicate fingers, heart shaped smile and more!
Removable knit onesie and matching cap in pink and white stripe The Binky in the photo is for size comparison - it is not included!
May be washed in sink or bathtub
Designed by Salvador Berenguer in Spain Manufactured in Spain as well
Window box can be easily wrapped for gift giving
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