Jasmine - an 18" East Asian & Oceania Doll
Jasmine - an 18" East Asian & Oceania Doll
Portrait of Jasmine. Note: her bangs come to her eyebrows
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Buying an 18 inch doll is easy enough, but how do you know if she will really, really love it? 

What is it about this doll that will make her so special to your little girl?

With Jasmine it's her expressive face with her playful smile and beautiful eyes.

You see, most dolls don't have 'expressions.' They may have the most beautiful sculpts, but not really expressive faces. Jasmine does... her face is playful and pleasant, and your daughter will notice her special difference immediately!

Doll Type: 18" Ethnic doll popular with our SE Asian, Filipina and Oceania customers
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Light beige skin, bright brown, Straight, long with bangs / Black
Size: 18 inches
Availability: OUR LAST ONE
Special Because: A lovely face, extended breast plate, hand made
Packaging: Full length window display box
Why she'll love this doll: Manufacturer's Guidelines Ages 6+
Doll comes dressed as shown in striped Capris with tulle 'play' ballerina skirt & white shoes
Adora Dolls have extended breast plates - the cloth body starts well below the neck Necklaces & clothing like strapless party dresses look better on Adora dolls. You can see this in the 'v'neck styled outfit she comes in
Open and Close (sleeping) eyes
Each doll is handmade
Will fit most manufacturer's 18" doll clothing American Girl, Madame Alexander, FibreCraft, Paradise, Gotz and many others
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