Nick by HABA, A Boy's Doll
Nick by HABA, A Boy's Doll
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OK, so we're a decade past the argument of should boys have dolls, and well into the 21st century quandry of: "They're all so cute, which should doll for boys do I want for my son?"

And that's why we love HABA dolls so much; because they make such a nice variety of great boy's dolls, and that gives you choices.

Like the rest of the HABA boy dolls, Nick looks like a typical boy...  we can easily imagine him in the school playground standing with his buddies, hands in his pockets, unruly blond hair sticking up all over the place. 

Why he'll love his new buddy: Safe for ages 18 months and older
Nick is a handsome young man with blue eyes, blonde'hair' and freckles
He stands 12 inch tall
Dressed in belted jeans and checked jacket with pockets
Polyester shell, polyester and cotton clothes, polyester filling
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