GiggleTime™ Princess
GiggleTime™ Princess
Here's GiggleTime Princess in her baby carrierGiggleTime Princess has a magnetic pacifier & mouth (black version pictured here)
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I'm going to be a little bold here:  "I'll bet you didn't realize there were so many Ethnic, Biracial or Multicultural baby dolls available."

So now you have a problem... which is the best? 

As the owners of the store, Addie and I are supposed to say: "they're all the best!!" 

But seriously, if I had to pick just one Ethnic baby doll to give to a two year old, I might just have to lean towards the medium toned GiggleTime™ Princess.

She's hand-made. Beautiful face. Gorgeous open and close eyes with long eyelashes. Machine washable. Those are the standard features.

Then there are the really special features: Magic magnetic pacifier, super soft and lightweight soft-body construction with the special Gentle Touch™  soft skin. Her own child-sized baby carrier. And when you daughter gives her new baby a hug, this baby giggles! (you can listen below.)

Oh, and did I mention: she giggles

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Doll Type: Softbodied Biracial, Hispanic or Multicultural Baby Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Type/Color: Light Brown, Brown (open and close), Brown, molded
Size: 15 inches
Gender: Non sexed, can be a boy or a girl depending on the outfits, sold as a girl
Scented? Yes but will fade with washings
Availability: In stock
Packaging: Full window box
Special Because: Magnetic pacifier, removable 'giggle' box sound mechanism
Why we love this doll: Safe for ages: 2+
A 15" baby doll made with a soft cloth body, Gentle Touch™ scented vinyl skin on the head, hands and feet
There are adjustable straps on the baby carrier - will fit most children to about 5 or so
GiggleTime Princess is a terrific value with tons of different play features for your child
5 Piece set includes baby doll, sleeper, 'giggle' sound box, magnetic pacifier and baby carrier
Machine washable
GiggleTime Princess has a bean bag butt for sitting stability
Incredibly light weight so that even though it is 15" it is easily managed by a toddler
As you can see from the video clip, GiggleTime Princess will fit most manufacturer's 15" doll clothes
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