Asian Lots to Love Baby Doll in Cheongsam Dress
Asian Lots to Love Baby Doll in Cheongsam Dress
The Boy's Outfit includes Tangzhuang Jacket and Pants
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How popular are the Asian Lots to Love dolls?

So popular that we added these hand-made 10 inch doll outfits: both the Cheongsam Dresses and the Tangzhuang suits to dress them in! 

We get our hand-made doll's cheongsams from the same Canadian company that makes all of our 10" multicultural doll clothes, and although they're all beautiful, 'hand-made' means that the outfits will have some variations to them. But they're made to fit the chubby Lots to Love Dolls only!

Look at the craftsmanship... the rich brocades, elegant embroidered patterns, mandarin colors, satin sleeves etc. 

Not only will your kids love these dolls, but their teachers and Grandparents will too!

But remember: pride in culture and diversity education will always take a back seat to the sheer joy and love children have in taking care of 'their' babies!
Why you'll love this doll: Safe for children starting around 18 months
Popular 'baby fat' soft vinyl dolls dressed in Hand made removable outfit
Asian Lots to Love doll comes dressed in this Asian Girl's Cheongsam
Outfit has full slit back with Velcro™ easy to put on and off
Fully poseable (Sits but does not stand by itself)
Incredible detailed, from dimpled hands to creases and 'footprints'
Unlike the Black and Multicultural Lots to Love dolls, there is only one 'sculpt' for the faces - Happy!
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