Fabian - A Boy Doll by HABA
Fabian - A Boy Doll by HABA
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 I'll tell you one thing about the HABA dolls for boys... if they didn't sell so well, we wouldn't carry six different variations!

But they do sell... every single style... somewhat because they are targeted at different age groups, but mainly because, like anything else, different kids like different things. just like how some kids like Cheerios and other kids like Cocoa Puffs.

So by offering you all the different HABA boy dolls, we're giving your kids the same kind of 'choose which one they like best' options.

The other reason is because if they really liked Cutie Louie, Miro Can or Fritzi when they were younger, at just about the same time as they would have worn the doll out by constant carry, cuddle and play, they'll be ready to grow into one of the older boys like Graham, Fabian or Steve. 

And finally, if you have more than one little fella in the house, you can give them two different dolls so they'll know whose is whose. 
Why they will love this doll: Safe for Ages: Starting at 18 months and older
Fabians outfit consists of the zip front hooded sweater over gray belted cords and shoes
Pants has belt loops, belt and pocket, sweater has 3/4 zipper and pocket
Clothes are removable When clothes are off, he 'looks' like he has shorts and tee shirt.
All cloth construction, fiberfill and beanbag butt so he sits by himself as well.
13½ inches tall, red chenille 'hair', green embroidered eyes, with 'freckles' and sideways smile
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