Curls of Love Toddler Doll
Curls of Love Toddler Doll
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On every other product page we describe all the reasons why you should buy our beautiful Black dolls, but on this page we tell you why 'not to buy?!?'

Seems crazy, right! But there's a method to our madness... Curls of Love is so totally different than all the other dolls we have, that it's easier to describe why you shouldn't buy her rather than why you should:
  • First of all is her age recommendation... 6 years and older. We're not worried so much about her being safe enough for younger children as we are concerned about her size - a typical 3 year old is about 30 inches....
  • this beautiful Black Toddler doll is a full 20 inches long, and weighs almost as much as a newborn baby... too big and too heavy for a younger child.
  • The magnificent outfit... this isn't a Barbie or an American Girl doll with dozens of outfits to change into. Part of what makes Curls of Love so special is that she was designed into this beautiful party outfit. Sure there are lots of 20" doll outfits out there to dress her in, but that isn't the point. Curls of Love comes in this outfit!
  • And finally, her hair. Seriously, for what you pay for this doll, do you really want a three year old ruining the hair in the first 6 minutes?
On the other hand, if your daughter is 6 or older, and you want our most beautiful "knock her socks off" impressive gift doll... then maybe you should consider Curls of Love. 

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WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.

Doll Type: African American Soft Bodied Play Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Brown, Brown, Black Synthetic rooted hair - curly
Size: 20 inches
Gender: Girl
Scented? Yes
Availability: Limited
Packaging: Sitting Window Box
Special Because: Dr Toy 'Best Classic Toys' award winner
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for Ages: 6 years and above
Yes, this doll is suitable as a gift for Adult Doll Collectors as well
Extremely realistic looking! Do not leave in a locked car on a summer day...!☺
Curls of Love is a handmade 20 inch cloth bodied doll
weighted to feel like a real baby with a beanbag butt for sitting stability
Hand painted details include rouged cheeks and colored nails
The outfit is hand sewn and designed to the doll, but is removable and interchangeable with most other 20" doll outfits
One of the Adora ToddlerTime­® doll collection
This doll is too large to ship Priority Mail. If you need her in a hurry, in the comments section, indicate: "OK to Remove from box for expedited shipping"
We cannot warranty eyelashes, some children will pluck them off

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Knock your socks off BEAUTIFUL!This is THE DOLL that every collector should have in her collection! She will be the most beautiful and realistic of all! Opening the box to see her was the beginning of indescribable admiration for all the time,effort and imagination that was mustered to create such a thing of beauty. Lots of thought, imagination and talent was used to make this very special doll. You can see and feel it in her eyes. Unbelievably realistic in every way. Plan to buy her again as a gift for my granddaughter at Christmas. Yes, she is THAT special ! Written by Jan on Wed 19 Sep 2018 8:47:59 AM GMT
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