Clarice® Reindeer
Clarice® Reindeer
Fifty years and still glowing
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If you have a friend who loves you just the way you are, you should give that friend this Clarice® Reindeer plush toy. 

And if it so happens that you're looking for that friend's gift at Christmas time... all the better.

When all of the other reindeer "laughed and called him names," Clarice reindeer didn't. She accepted Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer exactly as he was. Red nose and all. She was his true friend. 

For fifty years Clarice has been showing kids (and their families) that it's OK to love someone who is a little different. Someone with a nose that glows. If you have a freind like that, one who accepts you with all your imperfections, 'warts and all'  as the expression goes, give that friend Clarice. 

Why we love this product: Safe for all ages - birth and up
The perfect friendship gift
A wonderful reminder that friends accept us just the way we are
Perfect for that Secret Santa gift you've been looking for!
Also a great gift for kids who are a little different -- you can find a friend too.
Baby safe, machine washable and great Christmas decor
8 inches tall 'sitting'
Matched with Rudolph makes an easy 'Holiday Baby' Gender Reveal Party theme
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