Blankie Buddy Lamb
Blankie Buddy Lamb
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It took a child to get Addie and I enthusiastic about the Blankie Buddys. 

We really didn't need another lovie - security blanket - plush lamb in our line-up. 

But then we started hearing from the kids... they loved them. (Every new product gets kid tested by our staff's children.)

They were fascinated by the blanket hidden inside the lamb.
Open the velcro™ take out the blanket.
Fold up the blanket hide it back inside the lamb's secret tummy pocket. 

The fact that the lamb was cute - of course they loved that too, but...

Kids get lots of cute stuffed animals.

But stuffed animals they could 'unstuff?' Without ruining them? And especially not get in trouble for taking them apart?? That's the magic ingredient that make these so popular. 

PS: A few even came back with other little trinkets hidden in the Lamb! That secret pocket sure has an immense appeal to children!
Why you'll love Blankie Buddy Safe for ages: 6 months and older
Combination Stuffed toy and security blankie
The Blankie is 'hidden' behind the velcro™ closure in the belly
The blankie can never get lost - it's sewn directly to the inside lining of the lamb
100% polyester - super soft plush 'wooly' exterior and velour blankie
Machine wash - cold, lay flat to dry
cute embroidered face
Attached Blanket is about 10 inches square currently ships with velour trim - not satin
The Blankie Buddy Lamb is about 10 inches tall
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