Naomi, the 'Crying Baby' Doll
Naomi, the 'Crying Baby' Doll
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Every year our regular customers ask us for 'something special' for a Black Baby Doll. 

This year we are offering Naomi, the Black "Crying Baby Doll' from Llorens, hand made in Spain, and imported in small batches for the specialty doll market.

Yes, we know she's a bit more expensive, but this is definitely a 'get what you pay for doll.' Not only is she one of the most beautiful Black dolls for children - the kind that reinforces your daughter's self esteem and reminds her that Black Babies are beautiful too - but Naomi is also a crying baby. When Naomi is upset and crying for her Mama or Papa, your daughter can comfort Naomi with her pacifier, just like a real baby! Put it in her mouth and baby stops crying!  

Naomi is also sooo beautiful, from her natural hair in pigtails and ribbons, her beautiful face sculpt, her 'best dressed' (for a doll) winter outfit and the high quality gift box that she comes in. 

Now Mommy... pay attention. Naomi Cries. And that's going to drive you crazy for the first few days while your daughter gets over her excitement. Putting the pacifier in stops her crying. NOT putting the pacifier in lets Naomi go through three cycles before she turns herself off. BUT! You can remove the batteries, easily! 

A silent Naomi is still one of the nicest dolls your daughter will ever have. A crying baby will be one of the most impressive and memorable dolls your daughter will ever have. She will NEVER forget that crying baby doll. But yeah, you're gonna have to be a little understanding.

WARNING! Choking hazard: May contain small parts, not for children under 3 years.
Why she'll love her doll Safe for ages 3 years and older
Naomi is about 15 inches tall and is a soft bodied doll She has 'natural' style hair in pigtails, and fixed, not 'sleeping' eyes
The sound box is in her cloth body
Sound box is activated by inserting and then removing the pacifier
Pacifier inserted again turns off the crying and 'Mama,' but Naomi also turns herself off after 3 cycles.
The pacifier is attached with a plastic spring clip and chain to the doll's outfit.
Naomi comes with 3 button batteries and they can be removed and replaced.
Beautifully boxed, ready for wrapping.
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