My Happy Child - Biracial / Multicultural Baby Doll
My Happy Child - Biracial / Multicultural Baby Doll
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If ever there was a doll to lift your mood, this multicultural laughing baby doll is it. 

Our new ethnic or biracial doll makes grumpy children smile and happy children dance with delight! It's a real charmer!

My Happy Child doll has a soft cuddly cloth body, with soft vinyl arms and legs (to the elbows and knees). It currently comes in this 'handwarmer' sleeper and a removable color-coordinated cap. 

A word about its size. 16 inches is pretty substantial. Most of our baby dolls are around 12 or 13 inches.  Because most of this Hispanic or Biracial baby doll is made of cloth and fiberfill, it's really quite lightweight, so it's perfect for toddlers... in fact the age safe rating starts as young as two years old!

Even better - it's machine washable!

This doll is shipped in a poly bag.
Doll Type: Biracial / Ethnic / Multicultural Soft bodied baby doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown molded then painted
Size: 16 inches
Gender: Non gendered,
Availability: In stock
Scented? No
Packaging: Window Box
Why your child will love this doll: Safe for ages 2 years and up
Machine Washable!
Detailed molding with lots of realistic details, blushed cheeks and painted head
Soft cloth body is lightweight and easy for toddlers to carry
Medium skin tone meets the needs of so many children: Mixed Kids, Biracial, Latino etc.
Designed by Salvador Berenguer in Spain
Outfits are removable & consist of one piece romper and cap Colors and styles vary, pictures for example purposes only
Bonus Magic Sippy Bottle included 'Milk' disappears as baby drinks!
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