Sock Monkey - Bath Time Baby Boy
Sock Monkey - Bath Time Baby Boy
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I'm going to have to be careful here... I'm not allowed to let my personal enthusiasm get in the way of writing accurate non-biased' sales copy for you the customer.

But I have to admit, I love this doll!!

What Adora has done here, is to take the hugely popular PlayTime Prince doll, and swap out the regular cloth body for a super fast drying 'BathTime' cloth body; screened it to make it look like it is wearing a bathing suit, and then instead of the shorts and shirt outfit, given him an adorable Sock Monkey hooded bathrobe. Then, instead of the baby bottle you get a washcloth. And a sewn 'belly-button!'

What stayed the same is the 3/4 arms and legs - he can still suck his thumb - the open and close 'sleeping eyes,' and the machine washable part.

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Doll Type: Soft Bodied 'Water baby' boy
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type White, Brown open and close, light brown painted/molded
Size: 13 inches
Gender: Boy (screen printed swim trunks covers bottom only)
Availability: In Stock
Scented? No
Packaging: Window Box
Why we love this doll: Safe for children 12 months and older
Third in our series of Adora Boy dolls, but this one's a water baby
Machine washable, safe for pool and bathtub
QuikDri body will dry in no time Will be ready to play quickly
Adorable Sock Monkey Hooded Robe
Screen printed 'swimsuit' underneath
Will fit all 12 and 13" doll clothes from most doll manufacturers
This doll has eyelashes which we do not warranty Many children pluck off doll's eyelashes
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