Riviera Sunshine - a Bath Baby Doll
Riviera Sunshine - a Bath Baby Doll
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In America the debate these days is all about the 'Blue Aisle' versus the 'Pink Aisle.'

That dolls shouldn't be pigeon-holed as being just for girls, and as part of that same debate, where in the toy store should the boy's dolls be displayed?

But this adorable baby doll sidesteps the debate altogether -Riviera Sunshine is the perfect gender neutral doll.

With its cuddly soft cloth body, vinyl head, arms and legs, and those sweet open and close blue eyes, Riviera is adorable - especially dressed in its cute sunshine yellow summer-weight onesie and straw hat. Like baby eye-candy!

But Riviera is not only a 'gender neutral' doll, it is also a 'bath baby,' made with a special fast drying cloth body, hang-to-dry loop and rubber ducky. 

PS: Most
 of our other cloth bodied dolls are also 'gender neutral,' but come dressed as boys or girls or are either named or described by their manufacturers as boys or girls. 

Doll Type: Rapid Dry cloth bodied Bath Baby doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color, Hair Color / Type: White, Blue open and close eyes, none
Size: 12 inches
Scented? Yes
Availability: In Stock for immediate shipment
Packaging: Window Box
Why They'll love this bath baby: Safe for Ages Starting at 18 months
A great doll to give as a gift for either Boys or Girls - a 'gender neutral' doll Soft and cuddly and very light weight
Riviera is a standard 12 inch sized baby doll Will fit most manufacturer's 12 & 13" doll clothes - see link above
Fast Drying cloth body filled with lightweight & fast drying beads has a tab you use to hang the doll up for faster drain & dry
Gift boxed for easy wrapping
Includes outfit as shown and adorable rubber ducky. We love that straw hat... never seen that before for a baby doll!
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