Baby's Day - Hispanic/Biracial Bath Doll
Baby's Day - Hispanic/Biracial Bath Doll
Baby's Day Play and Bath comes in a printed 'body' so she's never 'undressed!'
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Many years ago, Addie and I found a most perfect doll for Biracial, Hispanic, Ethnic and other Multicultural children.

She was called "Playtime Princess," and she had the most beautiful face, was a multiculturally perfect medium brown skin tone, had sweet open and close eyes, and could suck her thumb.

Baby's Day, is a brand new and improved version because she has one additional feature - a printed QuickDri™ cloth body. 

Printed means she's never naked. If you have a dozen 'undressed' dolls scattered around your house you know what I mean. Little girls love to dress and undress their dolls. But when they're still toddlers, undressed seems to be the more usual state, right?

QuickDri™ means that Baby's Day can play in the bath with your daughter. And when Baby's Day comes out of the bath, she has her own super adorable hooded robe to slip into. (And at 13" she will fit into all standard 12-13" doll clothes, so there's plenty of outfits for after bath too. 

Baby's Day will make your baby's day!
Doll Type: Biracial / Hispanic / Multicultural soft bodied Play Baby
Size: 13 inches
Skin tone / Hair Color / Eye Color: Light Brown / Painted molded Brown / Brown open close eyes
Machine Washable? Yes
Packaging: Window Box
Special Because: QuickDri™ cloth body doll can go in water
Why she'll love this doll: Safe for ages 1 and up
Printed soft body means she'll never have a 'naked' doll
13" 'standard' size fits all manufacturer's 12 and 13 inch doll clothes
Vinyl arms, legs and head, sleeping eyes, QuickDri™ cloth body
This doll has eyelashes which some children will pick at We do not warrant the eyelashes
Hand made doll
Comes with adorable teddy bear hooded bathrobe and washcloth
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