Baby Stella Doll's 'Warm Wishes' Winter Coat
Baby Stella Doll's 'Warm Wishes' Winter Coat
Here's Baby Stella dressed in her winter coat and boots
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So you've just put a thirty five dollar doll in your shopping cart, and now you're wondering... do I really need to spend more money on doll clothes?

Of course none of our dolls come 'naked,' and you already 
are giving your child a great gift. So why buy her doll clothes? 
  1. Because a lot of children strip the clothes off their dolls (and their own too, truth be told - this is quite common and a normal activity.)  By giving her a baby doll and baby clothes for that doll, you gently encourage a different behavior. 
  2. Great Mommy/Daddy playtime for you and your child. In the beginning she'll need a little help dressing and undressing her doll. What a great time for you and her to play together!
  3. One of the important milestones in a child's growth is learning to care for something other than themselves. That's why we give children baby dolls in the 1st place. Dressing her doll is a nurturing activity. Dressing her in a winter coat, to protect her from the cold, really, really makes your daughter feel smart and protective... overall, not a bad thing to encourage!
Includes: Pink Fleece Winter coat and Soft Boots
Fits: Baby Stella 15" dolls
Packaging: Poly 'Garment Bag' on doll clothes hanger
Age recommendations? 12 months
Special Because: Adorable faux sheepskin trim on the boots, collar and cuffs - popular fashion look
The Warm Wishes Winter Coat will also fit most of the other 12 and 13" baby dolls in our store
Why we love this product: Benefits
Because in winter, when you're fighting to get her into her coat, you can have her dress her doll
Just really cute
We love the boots for dolls, (remember, they fit Stella better then the vinyl dolls)
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